Mohamed ,Tomas, Jacob

Introduction to cells

What is a cell? Well it is A small sized storage in bigger huge storage area for example a ant hill.A another example is a beehive and i hope you have learned the concept.Well heres a fact about living organisms they have one or more cells.They usually have many cells and thats it for cells.

Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells

Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus and it is larger and has more complex cell structure AND has DNA that cant move freely.Prokaryotic cell has a less complex cell structure and it is small and has no nucleus+DNA floats freely .The same is they have a cell membrane and both have DNA. One more difference is that Eukaryotic cell can be a plant cell and animal cell while a prokaryotic is usually bacteria.

Cell Structures and Cell organelles

Which Structure best classifies an organism as prokaryote or eukaryotic? Well a prokaryotic cell has a flagella,frimbriae,cytoplasm and that is their external structures. Prokaryotic cells also has a internal structure which are cytoplasm,nucleiod,bacterial chromosome,plasmid,ribosomes and storage granules and these are the internal structures.Eukaryotic cell has Internal structures like mitochondria,Golgi bodies,lyosomes,Endoplasmic reticulum,vesicles and thats the internal structures of the eukaryotic cells.