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It's not a disability, it's a different ability...

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Questions normally asked during diagnosis

Relative to attention, one asks: Does the child...

  • often fail to finish things started?
  • often does not seem to listen?
  • seem to be easily distracted?
  • have difficulty concentrating on tasks requiring sustained attention?

Relative to impulsivity one asks: Does the child...

  • often act without thinking?
  • shift excessively from one activity to another?
  • have difficulty organizing work?
  • need a lot of supervision?
  • frequently speak out of turn in class?
  • have difficulty waiting his turn in group games?

Relative to hyperactivity, one asks: does the child...

  • run or climb excessively?
  • have difficulty sitting still without fighting?
  • have difficulty staying seated?
  • have excessive movements while sleeping?
  • seem to be always on the go?

ADHD Research

Research has revealed statistically significant differences between ADHD and control groups. There is a deficit of nearly two years in the motor development of children with ADHD compared to a normative sample.

Another study conducted showed ADHD status had no independent detrimental impact on affected children's language impairments.

Presented by: Quinndolynn Loud

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