Summer fun

Madi winter

What I did?

This summer I went penny boarding a lot. I went penny boarding with my close friends Haley, Sam, Hailey and Ian. I went penny boarding in Tomahawk a really small town about 2 hours from Green Bay. I also went penny boarding around Green Bay. I would go penny boarding almost every day/or at night. We would go penny boarding because it was fun and it was a easy way to get around

Connections to science

Connection to friction, this connects to friction because the wheles rub and make friction on the types of roads. The bumby roads can make you go slower but when the road is extremely smooth and even you and glide and go faster.

Connection to science #2

Newtons first law of physics, a object in motion tends to stay in motion. When you push with your foot to make the board go it starts to move and when you put the foot you were pushing with back on the board you are still going to move.


  1. Who created a penny board?
  2. and why did they make it different form a skateboard?
  3. I wonder how long someone has glided on a penny board with one push?
  4. I wonder how the smooth roads get bumpy and rough?


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