Gabby Douglas

How Gabby Douglas Became Interested In Gymnastics

Gabby Douglas Story

Gabby Douglas is influential because she won the teams gold medal. She did it in 2012 and it was in London,England. Also,because she liked gymnastics when she was little and she followed her dreams of her being in gymnastics. Gabby made 4 place when it was her first time trying it. Gabby also made 3 place on the balance beam when it was her first tie on the beams. Gabby won a silver medal in 2010 in Pan American Championships. Gabby Douglas was 6 years old when she first put her mind on doing gymnastics. Gabby Douglas was born in Virginia. Gabby Douglas was wishing she practice with liang chow so she had to move away from her family to practice with him. She is a capricorn and her birthday is December 31,1995. Gabby Douglas is 19.