Science project smore

6th Grade Chappas

earthquake PBL

PBL Driving Question: How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California that can withstand seismic activity?

This is the earthquake PBL project from unit 3. We had to construct a house for tony stark as well. We made a model and final design too. There were multiple shaketests and since our model was a tower we thought it would fall but it didnt. What I learned from this was about earthquakes and intensity maps.

Atmosphere 30 handsproject

This is the 30 hands project for the greenhouse effect. This includes various questions answered about the greenhouse effect. Down below are the nine slides i created to record. Up is the link to watch the video. Hope you enjoy!!

Invention Convention

Our invention is called the underwater turbine disposer. It solves the problem of waste disposal. Waste disposal is all in the oceans and is killing wildlife in the seas. It also has the potential of making various people sick and even killing them. It can also kill livestock which also means no meat for protein.

Our invention starts with a turbine. It powers our underwater vacuum which inherits waste but also has a motion detector to detect fish so it knows when to shut off. This vacuum is then connected to a pipe leading to an incinerator facility. The waste is then burned and the fuel is sent through a network of pipes under cities to produce electricity. Thats how the invention works.