2nd Grade Guidance Lesson


How to Handle Making Mistakes

Learning Target: Students can ways to handle strong feels appropriately.

Why This Lesson Matters: Calming-down skills can help students manage strong feelings. Belly breathing helps lower blood pressure and heart rate, both of whcih calm the body. In this lesson, students practice suing belly breathing to calm down when they've made a mistake, a common problem that can evoke strong emotions. that mistakes are a natural part of learning that can help students identify things to practice and ways to improve is also emphasized.

Activity: Our lesson began with watching a video called "The Calm Down" dance. This dance walked the student through the various options to calm down strong feelings. Next, we played our Brain Builder game "Choral Clapping" where I split the class into groups and required each group to clap on different number claps as I was keeping a steady beat. This proved to be challenging until we did it several times. Many mistakes were made by most students, but after multiple times practicing, most students did it well without making many mistakes! After our game we discussed our story of a 2nd grader named "Ken". Ken made several mistakes on his paragraph writing assignment grew very frustrated and wanted to throw his paper away. We looked at the picture of Ken's face and body for clues for how he was feeling. After discussing his red face, tense muscles, the class realized Ken could not think clearly as to what to do until he calmed down. We finished the class by watching a brief "belly breathing" video that walked us through the proper steps to use belly breathing to calm down strong feelings.

Application: When your child makes a mistake, remind them about the importance of calming down so they can think, learn, and ask for help when they need it.

ASCA (American School Counseling Association) Standard:PS: B1.4 Develop effective coping skills for dealing with problems.