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OCPS - End of Year Reminders

EOY Benchmark Reminders

EOY Benchmark:

April 1–June 30

  • Available to all eligible students
  • Eligible student: At least 90 days have passed since a student completed the Placement Test or started the previous Benchmark Test
  • If a student is in an activity when the EOY Benchmark Test becomes available, the test will begin after that activity (assuming the activity is completed within the administration window).
  • Monitor students, if possible, and encourage them to read each question carefully and do their best.
  • Review results on the Imagine Learning Portal. Select Group, then under Dashboard select Growth > Benchmark Test.

Benchmark Report Tutorials

Administrator Tutorial (District or School Admins. Only)

Teacher Tutorial (Group and Individual Student Views)

End of Year Checklists

End of Year Checklist - Administrators

EOY Benchmark Assessment

  • Remind teachers and students about the End of Year Benchmark assessment window.

Review and Celebrate Student Growth

  • Review usage, progress, and growth data.
  • Share information with teachers
  • Celebrate successes with teachers and students.

Preserve Student Data

  • Download student data from the Imagine Language and Literacy Portal.Click the Full CSV Export button in the top right corner of the dashboard to download all student data into a file.
  • Ask teachers to download/print any Portfolio samples they wish to save, as well as any class-level or student-level reports.

End of Year Checklist - Teachers

EOY Benchmark Assessment
  • Make sure that eligible students have completed their benchmark test.

Review and Celebrate Student Growth

  • Discuss end-of-year growth with students, including benchmark scores, final usage totals, and/or progress through the curriculum.
  • Celebrate successes with students/classes that met year-end goals.
  • Print certificates to send home with students. Progress > Achievements

Preserve Student Data

  • Log in to Imagine Language and Literacy Portal and download any Portfolio audio reading samples you wish to keep; print any writing samples you wish to keep.
  • Print student-level or class-level reports as desired.

Imagine Your Future Year End Winners

School Winner

Stone Lakes Elementary

Prize: $250 school supply gift card

Class Winners

  • North: Fleming's Group - Spring Lake Elementary

  • West: Maier's Group - Westpointe Elementary

  • East: Jessie's Group - Stone Lakes Elementary

  • Southwest: Mera's Group - West Creek Elementary

  • Southeast: Gaudette's Group - Lake George Elementary

Prize: $50 gift card for a pizza party

Student Winners

  • North: Concepcion Caraballo - Dream Lake Elementary
  • West: Primo Cassol - Keenes Crossing Elementary
  • East: Centeno Gonzalez - Lakemont Elementary
  • Southwest: Longa Perez - Tangelo Park Elementary
  • Southeast: Alfonos Lugo - Andover Elementary

Prize: Fire Tablet

Congrats to all the winners!

Customer Success Manager

Alejandro Rovira

Area Partnership Manager

Mary Nelson