Torn Notebook in Lincoln, NE

Ariel Burkey

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History on the Torn Notebook

The Torn Notebook was commissioned by the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery. The artist of this sculpture was Claes Oldenburg. The Torn Notebook was installed August 20, 1996. I am unable to find how long the process toke to build this amazing sculpture.
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Claes's Statement

The Torn Notebook looks like it had been tossed onto the lawn between UNL and the city. Coosje took notes when they were on their way to Nebraska from Kansas City. She wrote down what she saw and different phrases. Now those phrases or words are carved into the metal pages of this Torn Notebook.
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My opinion on the Torn Notebook

I find this sculpture very unique. I love how they took notes of what they saw when they were driving down here and worked them into the sculpture. This sculpture is one my favorite sculptures Claes Oldenburg has created. It's awesome how he can take such a little object and blow it up so big and still make it very interesting to look at.