By: Isabella Diaz

How Will I Get There?

I will get there in a plane ( Air Canada airline ) I plan on staying there for a week. Instead of renting a car I will travel on the metro and to do so I will obtain a metro card in which I will pay a fee in regards of the distance that I’ll travel.

What Will Be Some Obstacles?

Some obstacles will be not knowing the language or customs of the Japaanese people so my phone will be my bestfriend during this trip! To have an international mobil plan I would have to pay my phones regular bill before I go and if I want a discount on calls I’ll have to pay ten more extra bucks to be charged 20 cents per minute. Unlimited internet and text messages will be working just as good as they worked here once I pay my phones bill. With unlimited internet I will have directions on where to go and what to say.

Where will I stay and what do I need to consider?

While I’m in Japan I will stay in the 1 night 1980 hostel on Taito-ku Shitaya 3-10-10 in Tokyo. It’s extremly cheap and it’s not even an ugly place! My budget is $2,500 and paying $126 for my hotel ( FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK) is not bad at all. On the other hand I should definitely spend as much time as I can outside of the hotel because it is very small and I’ll probably go mad if I stay there for long.

What will I know before I go?​

I will know that Japianese people are very friendly and warm. I will also know that their currency as well as their language is very complex compared to ours…

What will I learn while I’m there

While I am in Japan I will learn more about the mainstream media like music,fashion,and subcultures. I will also learn more about their religious beliefs ; not to mention their amazing food and traditions. Finally , the most important lesson I will learn is how to be more independent as I travel a foreign country with nothung more than a suitcase and a smartphone.