Ralph Baer

By: Kyle Lin

Early Years

  • Born 1922 March 8th parmesans Germany
  • i was Thrown Cause I Was Jewish And My Family Escaped To The U.S To My American Cousins
  • Changed My Name To Ralph Baer And When I Grew Up I Went To The TV Institute Of Tech


  • I went to the national institute of technology.
  • I was married to Dena Whinston for 52 years.
  • I was a engineer before i was a game designer.
  • I spent my adulthood in NYC

''i find game design fascinating its a new way t make artwork''

Major Contributions

End of Life

Deid of age 92 in manchester new hampsire

About Me

i chose ralph baer cause i like playing video games and they give me a way to play games with my TV