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3rd Quarter, 2015-16

Quote for the month

To be able to ask a question clearly is two thirds of the way to getting it answered!

We Proudly celebrate

Our flagship product Hexagon mPower is making steady headways into the market with the following wins:

  • Union KBC Mutual Fund and Exide Life Insurance (Previously known as ING Life Insurance) selecting Hexagon mPower over competition
  • HDFC Asset Management Company, the largest mutual fund in India where we have commenced implementation
  • A strategic order with Kotak Pension Fund where the implementation has begun -Axis Bank signing up with us for implementing IFRS accounting system
  • IDBI Federal Life Insurance have choosen Hexagon mPower to replace their existing mFund application

When our current client base goes live on Hexagon mPower, approximately 26% of AUM (Assets Under Management) of AMC’s in India will be managed by Hexagon mPower. Our recent foray into the Malaysian market has borne fruits with a leading asset management company, Affin Hwang opting for our reconciliation solution, Hexagon iMatch. This win is expected to strengthen our position with other prospects in the region.


Country's largest lender SBI will issue EMV chip and pin based debit cards to its new customers to ensure enhanced secure transactions. EMV chip and pin feature protects against skimming and card transaction frauds. With this, SBI said that it has become the first large bank to issue 100 per cent EMV cards compliant with RBI's directive on Security and Risk Mitigation Measures for Card Present and Electronic Payment

Interesting Read

Greenmail or greenmailing is a practice of purchasing enough shares in a firm to challenge the firm’s management or leadership and even threaten a corporate takeover, thereby forcing the target to buy those shares back at a premium in order to suspend the potential takeover or to take other actions that remove equity from the target firm and return it to the greenmailer.

Interestingly, this concept was defined by T. Boone Pickens who was questioned by a woman at Harvard whilst his speech, if the above process of profiting oneself should be termed as “blackmail” to which he proved his concept by showing the facts about the respective companies’ increasing performance by this process. He looked at it as way to make the management more cautious so as to improve their ways of growth and performance by which they fare better as a company, to make its way out of the list of acquiring companies, which is why it should be termed as “greenmail” and not “blackmail”!