Europa, Europa

By: Solomon Perel



When Solomon escaped from his home to survive he ended up in a Russian orphanage. After that the Germans invaded Russia Solomon created his fake identity and was at an army base for a long while.

Germany (Hitler Youth School)

Since Josef was to young to be a soldier von Munchow sent him back to germany to go to hitler youth school. Hilter youth school was luxurious it had a pool and sporting fields and more.


Solomon was a young boy when the Germans invaded his safe haven. His safe haven was a Russian orphanage. When Hitler invaded the Soviet Union Solomon fell into the Germans clutches. When they were deciding who would go to prison camp and who would go to the forest of death Solomon buried his identification papers, right under the noses of the soldiers. So what did Solomon do? He told them he was an ethnic German. From that moment on he wouldn't be known as Solomon the Jew, but known as Josef the ethnic German. And he would soon be placed into to an elite Hitler Youth school.
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Solomon Perell and Josef Perjell

Solomon is a smart boy because in a single moment he thought of burying his identification paper and saying he was an ethnic German. Through the rest of the story he has to remain calm and learn to balance his two personalities. Things that Solomon would react to Josef could not.

Minor Characters



Solomon's outer conflict was trying to escape the Nazi. He did this by crossing a river and living in Russia. Then the Germans invaded Russia. (Man vs. Society)

Josef's external conflict was to try and fit in with the Germans. So he struggled with trying to keep certain things secret. (Man vs. Society)


Josef and Solomon had internal conflict together. So this is self vs. self or Solomon vs. Josef. Josef had to act like a proper Hitler youth boy, so what bother Solomon couldn't bother Josef. They had to find a balance with practically left him emotionless.

Hitler Youth scene from the movie Downfall

Hitler Youth Der Untergang Scene

"Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die." -Herbert Hoover