Bay Port Music Parent Association

Member Information

What does the BPMPA do?
  • Bring in and fund clinicians to work with our Band, Choir, & Orchestra students
  • Provide scholarships for music camps and college
  • Provide receptions after concerts and awards night
  • Purchase equipment, software, and other supplies for the Music Department
  • Provide transportation to events like state athletic tournaments and music clinics
  • Purchase awards
  • Provide volunteers to help with concerts, festivals, receptions, etc
  • Provide fundraising opportunities so students have the option to raise money to fund choir, band, and orchestra trips
  • Provide assistance and planning for band, choir, & orchestra trips

How can you help BPMPA?
  • Complete the volunteer information form
  • Volunteer to help at 1 event
  • Participate in the No Hassle Fundraiser

How do we help raise funds for BPMPA?
  • Our main fundraiser is the No Hassle Fundraiser. We ask for a one time donation of $40 per year per family. (Checks can be made payable to 'Bay Port Music Association'
  • Selling concessions at music events

Member Information Form

Please click on the Member Information Form link and complete the form. This information helps us to better support the Bay Port Music Department. We thank you in advance for your assistance and support!

The Bay Port Music Parent Association & The Bay Port Music Staff