Señora Bast's Spanish Class

Silverbrook School

Student/Parent Information

Welcome to Spanish class! Here's some helpful information to help your child as he/she begins or continues experiencing the Spanish language and cultures. Always feel free to contact me throughout the year when you have questions.


SPEAKING: Students are expected to use Spanish as much as possible in class. No gum allowed in class. *The more you practice, the better you will be able to sound like a native speaker. Use any and all opportunities to practice.

LISTENING: I will speak mostly Spanish in class. Listen for main ideas and pronunciation modeling. *Watch for context clues from gestures, actions, and cognates.

READING: Students will be reading some instructions in Spanish as well as short readings. *Use pictures, cognates, and background knowledge to understand main ideas.

WRITING: Take notes in your Spanish notebook. DO NOT use translation websites on writing assignments unless you check with Sra. Bast about vocabulary first. You need to demonstrate what you know. *Use your notes, the textbook, and handouts for language patterns. Use a dictionary for individual words only, not phrases.

Supplies needed for Spanish class:

Grading and Classroom Procedures

80% Summative Assessments (quizzes, tests, formal speaking assessments, etc.)

20% Assignments and In-class Practice (writing, speaking, listening, reading)

Be safe. Be ready. Be respectful. Be responsible.

I will use the same behavior chart and expectations used in all Silverbrook classrooms. I will call or email home if a student is given more than one warning and/or has continued warnings issued.

Realidades Textbook

This is the textbook we will be using in class this year. Students will take notes and sometimes be given notes, which I will also post on Canvas. Students can access the etext online at home for practice: link is below. Once on the page, click on Login and enter:

User Name: SpanishBast

Password: Spanish1A

We will occasionally use resources on, a website created by a Spanish teacher specifically for Spanish students. It uses music, videos and games to increase proficiency in the language. Students will be given their own password to access it.