Poetry Project

Jessica Santos

I Wish

I wish I had more money

I wish I had good grades

I wish I had no school

I wish I had concert tickets to go see every artist

I wish I had no pain

I wish I had a car

I wish I had everything I desired

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

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I like Prince Royce

He makes me smile

I listen to his songs

My friends and I like him

We all have his cd's

We all know his songs

We all know the lyrics

I wish I could go to his concert

I wish I could meet him

One day it will happen

I hope

Until then I will wait

To meet him

To talk to him

To know him.

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Free Verse

Moving too fast

moon is lighting

up her skin.
She's falling,

doesn't even know it yet.
Having no regrets

is all that

she really wants
Going out tonight,

changes into

something red
Her mother

doesn't like that kind of dress
Everything she never had

she's showing off

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