1st Amendment

Freedom of religion and expression

I have a right to say what I want and I have a write to wear what I want or my religion

Recent news

Twitter and ESPN have freedom to say what they want according to the first amendment.

The first amendment states that everyone has rights to freedom of speech and also has the freedom to have their own religion. Most recently Kevin Olderman said a series of rants about Penn State students and their value of education. They were tweets of critism and their fundrasing services that raised more than $13million for periodic cancer research.

Recent news part 2

Kevin Olderman apologized saying "that was totally inappropriate. I was really stupid and childish. I apologize to PSU students. I was less mature than those students who participated in the fundraiser." ESPN and Kevin agreed that he will not host his show for the rest of the week.
Some people argue that the Redskins name violates the first amendment. It said the Trademark has been cancelled. People say it was offensive toward Native Americans. I believe it is fair because we should not disrespect the first people who lived on Earth. We would not have been alive if it was not for them.


Some people violate the first amendment. People like Kevin Oderman and the Redskins. The Redskins might change their name someday. Kevin Oderman is not going to host his show for the rest of the week.