Adventure into the 7 Chakras

A FREE 7-Week Yoga Workshop!

What are Chakras?

Chakras are centers in the body through which energy flows. If there is a blockage in one of these centers, physical and emotional issues can arise. Through studying and working with the chakras, we can loosen the blockages and create multi-dimensional healing.

Yes, it's Completely FREE!!

We are offering these classes free of charge, but we ask that you commit to all 7 weeks. Taylor is a student at Pennridge High School and this is part of a project she is doing for classes. Each week we will build on what we discussed the previous week, and Taylor will have weekly "homework" for you. It is very important that we have everyone present and participating every week!

FREE Chakra & Yoga Workshop

Tuesday, April 8th, 3:45pm

Sellersville Elementary, PT/OT Room 16

Taught by Shannon Burbano, RYT200

And Taylor Socki!

High school student and meditation enthusiast, on a mission to heal the world one chakra at a time.