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About TeleVox

Televox has a very innovative communication system. It emails, calls, and/or texts patients and then gives them an option of linking it electronically to their personal calendars. When using TeleVox, it also allows you to change the fonts and colors within e-mails. This perk makes it more personalized for each individual. This is such a feature because it is adaptable to all ages and patients. It’s a very useful and an easy program to navigate. TeleVox comes with a training that teaches you everything whether you’re a patient or a doctor using the program. It is so easy to use that you can confirm from a click of a button!


It's pretty clear that nearly every adult has an E-mail address; if you're a business person or even professional of any sort, you use this more often than others. So that patients don't have to remember the date and time of every appointment weeks or months later, we often suggest getting our email reminders that inform you just a couple days beforehand about your next visit in detail.

Phone Calls

Maybe checking your emails frequently is not what you do. If after the typical work day, all that's on your mind is going home and relaxing; you probably stay clear way from the computers. Televox offers appointment reminders through the phone. Once then all you have to do is confirm the appointment but yet still giving you the available option to reschedule if desired. If the phone call is however not answered an automated voice message will be left, allowing you to be reminded and then call back.

Text Messages

Are you busy during the day, too busy to answer a phone call? Our automated text messaging system is probably most suitable for you. Appointment reminders through SMS is the fastest option, hassle-free with no waits. You can't ignore it, it's there, it'll pop up on your device and it's a two way interaction in your hands.