Global Warming

Year 9 Science Home Learning Project

Project task

For this Home Learning Project, you need to write an article addressing the following question:

'Is global warming happening?'

You need to use a range of information to complete the HLP.

We have lots of books available in the library to help you with your research

Look at the following shelf numbers in the library to find more:

363.7 Environmental problems

363.73 Pollution

363.73874 Greenhouse gases

551.6 Climate and weather

Search the Global Warming Reading List in Oliver

Click the above link to search the Global Warming Reading List in Oliver to find more books and websites.

Our Online databases

The Library has a number of online databases available through eLibrary to help you with your research for this HLP.


Use NewsBank to search for articles on global warming from both sides of the debate in UK newspapers (1985 to the latest issues). Click the 'Access UK & Ireland Newspapers' link to begin your search.
Swanshurst eLibrary

Click the link above to link to our online databases.

Suggested Websites