ARC Bar-coding Update


ARC Info

The information below is intended to keep everyone up to date and informed about the process to prepare the ARC materials for teacher use.

What are you receiving?

Each ELA teacher in grades 4-8 should receive the following sets:

  • Hook Books,
  • Wide Reading,
  • Skill Cards,
  • Baskets

See images below for Elementary and Middle Schools to determine what is included.

They are also linked below for printing.

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Why do we Barcode?

  • We need to bar-code each item so that the CF or Media Spec. can easily find where misc. books found in the hallway, in the gym, on the bus etc. can easily be scanned to find copy status and efficiently returned to the appropriate classroom set.
  • Each bin and every book within the bin should get the same bar-code. This will allow for easy and efficient tracking and collection of materials.
  • Train your CF to use the Follett Destiny APP to easily check in tubs from one teacher and check out to the classroom they are moving them to.
  • CLICK below to access the instructions for downloading and using the Destiny App.
    Destiny Mobile App (for Media Spec. only)
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Bar-code Information

  • Bar-codes are located one of 3 places:
    -In a white box separately
    -in the "Open First" box
    -in the "Shipping Label enclosed" box
  • We recommend that you make a copy of your labels prior to sorting.
  • If you choose to create barcodes yourself to match, CLICK HERE to get directions for creating bar-codes in Destiny,
  • You will need to put a copy of the bar-code on the BIN and on EACH BOOK IN THE BIN.
  • For the "Wide Reading Set" American Reading Company sent you only one sheet. That is only enough for the books within the bin, you will need to put one of the copied labels with matching number on the bin as well.

Bar-code order

  • We noticed at our last school that if you organize your boxes by module then you can easily match the labels to what is organized in each box by module (listed at the top of the page.
  • Just verify the number on the bin and the bar-code number are the same.
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Bar-code Location on Book

Bar-code Location on Book

  • Place the bar-code along the spine near the IRLA color leveled spine label on the front of the book.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Jackie Pender-Jones or

Tammy Gruer

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