E-33 Adventures

Mrs. Mihalik's Class

Starry Starry Night School Dance

The Starry Starry Night School Dance was an incredible event. Here are some details about this event.

First, the setting was breathtaking. There were yellow star lights everywhere. I could barely recognize the school because it had been transformed into a magical starry night.

Also, there were some really fun things to do. For example, there was a superb photo both. In the photo both, there were props that you could use to make the photo more exciting. The photos were also free. Another example is the dance floor. On the dance floor you could dance, play dance games , and recommend songs. The last example is the dessert table. The dessert table was filled with free treats such as chocolate cake, vanilla cake, and other treats.

In conclusion, the dance was an exciting and fun event. The setting was amazing. There were also some great things to do. Overall the dance was a great experience.

By: Abi Watkins

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Great Gold Rush

Yay, I can't wait for the Gold Rush, it is going to be awesome! So far we have picked our team names and made our miner's profile. To earn points you can get gold nuggets. To get gold nuggets you have to do good work, make good decisions and do extra credit. That includes creating a board game based on the book By the Great Horn Spoon for 250 Gold nuggets, you can also make a puppet or paper doll of a forty-niner for 75 nuggets etc... You also get to stake a claim and you can rob others of their claims. That's all folks, thanks for reading this article!

written by: Elise and Mia

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The Midway

This week we went to the Midway. The Midway is a naval ship museum. We had great parent volunteers. Sadly :( this was our last field trip, but it was a BLAST!!!!! You should go to the Midway.

By: Nathan

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By The Great Horn Spoon Kahoot.it

A few weeks ago I (Reid Henderson) made a Kahoot.it based on By the Great Horn Spoon (the book we read). The class played in their Gold Rush teams. The class knew all the questions except for one. They didn't know the question, who was the man who couldn't sit down. Mostly everybody got it wrong except 2 teams. The Miner's Merchandise team won. Their members were Ryan, Abi, Lex, and Jacob!!

Social Studies Kahoot.it

Abi, Veshay, and Danica made a Kahoot.it based on our Social Studies unit we're learning. We did amazing. I thought we were not going to do well, but I was wrong. There was just one question that had us a little mixed up. The winners were team Ridiculously Rich. Their members were Emmie, Mia, Nico, and me!! Thank you for reading! By: Reid

Running Club

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, Mrs. Mihalik's Marvels of E-33 are running up a storm, but that storm will soon end because there are only 2 Running Clubs left! We have earned every Golden Shoe this year, but we were just told Mrs. Thoene's class is only 20 miles behind. Mrs. Mihalik's class and Mrs. Thoene's class are going head to head for the last Golden Shoe of the year! Can Jack Marsh and his fellow E-33 Roadrunners fight for the top class of the year. Thank you for reading. By: Abi Watkins and Ben Holland
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Earth Day With Buddies

On April 3rd, we got together with our buddies from Mrs. McClelland's class to make a fun Earth Day craft. We got a coffee filter and with marker, we drew North and South America and the ocean. Then, we sprayed the coffee filter with water. We let them dry off. Next, our buddies traced our hands and we traced theirs. We cut them out and set them with our Earth drawing. After that, we wrote about ways to take care of the Earth. When we were finished, we glued our Earth and hands on a black piece of paper. It looked like we were holding the Earth! We glued our writing on the opposite side, and we were done! They turned out beautifully! Make sure you never litter!

On April 22, 2015 we also went into groups around the school and picked up trash for 5 minutes. It was a competition against the other groups to pick up the most trash. After we got called in Mrs. Mihalik wrote the group names on the bags. The leaders weighed the bags and wrote it down on the chart. The highest weight was 220 grams. Everyone please remember the Earth takes care of you, so help take care of the Earth!

Written by Alyssa and Kaitlyn

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For PE we were doing hurdles and the long Jump. The long Jump is where you jump as far as you can and a person marks your spot. If your foot is over the line when you jump, it is a fault.

Hurdles are when you jump over a bar. The boys' record was Jack with 12.85 seconds and the girls' all time record was Elise with 12.73 seconds.

By Jordan and Veshay

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Westwood's Volunteer of the Year--Mrs.Tokushige

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Free Library!

This information was shared by Mrs. Pullett. The Little Free Library is on Matinal Dr. near Duenda Rd.
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