Kindergarten News

Mrs. Fiedler ~~~~~~~ May 15, 2015

Important Dates

*Friday, May 15 = ALL library books due today!! Field Day! Students will be outside all morning - wear sunscreen, old clothing and old shoes! Also, bring a beach towel to sit on while we eat our picnic lunch!

*Monday, May 18 = Teddy Bear Day! Bring a teddy bear to school today!

*Thursday, May 21 = Bag of Books Checkout (with signed permission slip attached, for summer reading)

*Monday, May 25 = No School!

*Wednesday, May 27 = Early Release Day/Last Day of School!!

Specials Schedule:

Mon. = Music, Tues. = P.E., Wed.= Art, Thurs. = Music, Fri. = P.E.

Connect 2 Learn

Each student in the Lee's Summit School District will receive a chromebook next year!! Check out the following website for more details:

Handbook Reminder - No visitors the last 2 weeks of school

According to page 23 of the district handbook, visits during the first and last two weeks of school...are discouraged. This includes those visiting their child for lunch.

*Field Day is an exception! Mrs. Bryant needs lots of volunteers for Field Day! If you are available to help, please go to the UWE webpage, under "Documents" for the sign up sheet!

Skills We Worked on This Week:

  • Building our schema by researching animals on PebbleGo (online book resource)
  • Reading, spelling and writing the new sight words: must, came, and review of all 4th quarter words!
  • Writing numbers 0-31 and beyond
  • Identifying and ordering numbers 0-31
  • Reader's Workshop: Determining Importance - what are the important things to remember about the story? Who were the important characters?
  • Retelling a story using details
  • Writing a question using a question word at the beginning and question mark at the end
  • Adding details to our writing (using "rich"/describing words) and pictures
  • Writing complete sentences with spaces between each word AND punctuation at the end of a thought!

Skills to Work on at Home:

--There will not be any more weekly poems sent home for homework.

--Practice reading your sight words!

--Continue reading your Take-Home Book. The more times you read, the more fluent you will be! Be sure to talk about those comprehension questions after reading (What happened in the story? What questions do you have? What connections do you have to the story?)

Birthdays at School - Handbook Reminders

***Please reference the student handbook, page 7,

“Recognition of student birthdays is designed uniquely by each elementary school. Parents/guardians should contact the classroom teacher or school office regarding these specific details. Birthday recognitions are intended to be a celebration of the child in meaningful ways absent of food. Outside food will not be accepted for all class distribution as part of the birthday recognition. Birthday recognitions are designed to be an integrated part of the school day versus a time that interrupts the daily classroom or building routines or instructional time. Birthday recognitions will be designed so as not to impact the dietary decisions or needs of other students. Invitations for out of school parties cannot be brought to school for distribution. Deliveries for students will not be accepted at school (i.e. floral arrangements, balloon bouquets, etc.)”

Important Reminder:

We have a "nut-free" classroom! No snacks should be sent with any kind of nuts or peanut butter. We have students with life-threatening allergies, so please help us to keep everyone safe!!

Items to Note:

~~FYI - Many different snacks are available for your child to purchase in the cafeteria during lunch. Snacks vary in price from 60 cents to over a dollar. Some popular snacks are ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cones, cookies and donuts. Some students will buy multiple snacks a day. If you are wondering why your child's lunch money seems to run out quickly, this could be the case! Please check your child's account frequently to be sure they have enough money to buy lunch each day. :)

~~Our Underwood website is . There are important notes on this webpage from PTA and other organizations. Look under the heading "Documents"!!

~~ Eagle Bucks=Students have been earning these this week! Ask your child how many they have earned and what they did to earn them! Eagle Bucks are earned by students throughout the year for a variety of reasons...kindness to others, following the rules, following directions in class/on assignments, setting a good example for others in the hall/classroom/cafeteria, completing work in an exceptional way, etc. Eagle Bucks can be redeemed each month, or saved for "big ticket" items. We are asking that parents consider making a donation to the "Underwood School Store" for either small or "big ticket" items, or both! Please mark donation item(s) clearly! Thank you!

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