My Travel Journal in Latin America!

Jerry G Masengill Period 2

Culture of Mexico City!

Dear fellow reader,

I visited the vast Mexico City. The feature of Mexico City that I enjoyed the most was the broad Mexican culture!

The food in Mexico City tasted like heaven! There is a large variety of different flavors that makes the cuisines so tasty! Popular foods such as tacos and enchiladas are so delicious because they include mix a spicy and tangy flavor together. I visited a local restaurant, and boy, were their tacos amazing with the most flavor that I've ever tasted! Many of the dishes here include corn and rice, which are the most common ingredients in Mexico City's food. I visited another restaurant, and the desert part of the menu was just as big as the main course part! As you can tell, deserts are just as important as the main course. Sweets such as milk candy and mango lollipops are enjoyed in Mexico City. Believe it or not, people in Mexico City love to eat chocolate just like the people in America!

Sports are also a big deal in Mexico City. The national sport in Mexico is Charreia, which is a sport that contains of many equestrian events combined, and is widely played in Mexico City. Bullfighting is also an exciting sport played in Mexico City. I visited one of the bullfighting stadiums, and boy do those close calls scare the socks out of you! Football, or soccer in America, is the most popular team sport, and many people from Mexico City make it to the professional soccer Olympics team for Mexico!

Millions of people watch football every year here! Mexico has also hosted many sport events. They held the Olympics in 1968, and the FIFA cup in 1970 and 1986.

My trip to Mexico City was great! The food there was delicious, and the variety of sports could entertain anyone! I'll see you on my next journey!

Economy of Panama City Rough Draft

Dear fellow reader,

I visited one of the biggest economical cities in Central America, Panama City! The economy here is blooming like a flower!

First, I visited the port facilities that surrounded the Panama Canal. These ports put low taxes on ships that cut through this canal. I asked an owner of one of these ports and asked him what exactly were these ports doing.

"The canal has provided a lot of the money for the ports. The low taxes that we put on ships that are crossing the canal attracts more ships to cross it, which gives us even more money. We plan to raise the taxes in 2014, so we can receive more money than we are already receiving."

Banking is also a big factor in Panama City's economy. Panama City has 15 national banks, and many more smaller banks. Many banks exist in the Colon Free Trade Zone, in Colon, another major city near Panama City. I visited one of the national banks, Banco Nacional, and it was huge! Accountants were everywhere, and it was just a cool sight to see!

Tourists, like me, give Panama a lot of money. The beaches here attract many tourists, and I can certainly see why! There are also many beautiful sights to see! Luxurious hotels flourish in Panama City, which attracts even more tourists (especially the rich ones!)

Panama City was a great place to visit and to learn about. You should probably visit there sometime!

Geography of the Galapagos Islands!

Dear Fellow Reader,

I visited the beautiful Galapagos Islands! There were many geographical features that interested me, and there were many exotic animals!

Just walking through the islands felt like paradise. The vast hills, and the island, that was actually formed by volcanoes, was great! The light blue waves crashing onto the shore was absolutely marvelous, and I loved how the water on the top was warm, and then a layer under it was colder! My favorite site to see was the Darwin Arch. This site was wonderful, because it is in an arch shape. My tour guide said that this arch was formed by weathering, and erosion.

The best part of the trip was seeing all of the unique animals. Did you know that some of the animals here can't be seen anywhere else in the world? First, I went swimming with some hammerhead sharks! I'll admit, I was a little scared at first, but I eventually got used to it over time. Afterwards, I watched the cute (in a way) marine iguanas. These little iguanas are known for spitting salt out of their noses! How interesting! We also watched many birds like the Blue-Footed Boobie. Did you know that these birds won't care or get scared if you pick them up? Certain birds that I watched also dove gracefully into the water, and "swim" to get their fish!

The Galapagos Islands was definitely one of the coolest and most relaxing places I have been to. You should visit there sometime!

Government of Venezuela

Dear Fellow Reader,

I got to talk to the great Hugo Chavez today! I asked him some questions like how he formed the new constitution, so I could get more information about the government in Venezuela.

First I asked,

"What did you hope to change in a citizen in Venezuela's life by rewriting the new constitution?"

"I tried to make Venezuela a better place to live in for the people. I gave them more free rights like free education and free health care. I tried to give them a more clean environment, more women's rights, and many more freedoms. The citizens of Venezuela were getting frustrated with the government, so I knew that there had to be a change, so I made the new constitution."

"What did you hope to change in the government when you created the new constitution?"

"I changed the number of branches that are in the the government. Now there are five branches like the executive branch, but there is also a citizen's branch that protects the people. There are also three main political parties, the Movimiento Quinta Republica Party (MVR), the Patria Para Todos (PPT) Party, and the Partido Comunista de Venezuela (PCV) Party. The government has definitely taken a big turn, mainly to help the people and government.

There's Hugo Chavez everyone! He is a great man, that has tried his hardest to help his country and the people.