Border Patrol

10 Question.....

  1. What is your career? To be a Border Patrol Agent.

  2. Brief description of what you will be doing in your job? The United States Border Patrol (USBP) is an American federal law enforcement agency. Its mission is to detect and prevent illegal aliens, terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the United States, and prevent illegal trafficking of people and contraband.

  3. How much will I earn in a year (salary)? Newly hired U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are hired on at one of three government pay grade levels: GL-5, GL-7 or GL-9. The pay for a level GL-5 hire is $38,619 per year. For a GL-7 hire, the wage increases to $43,964. GL-9 hires earn the highest salary of newly recruited border agents, making $49,029 per year.

  4. How much education do I need? A degree is not required but to move up on a level a bachelor's degree is what you need.

  5. What college will best prepare me for my occupation? The CBP Border Patrol Academy

  6. How much will I travel with this job? 4hrs

  7. What skills do I already have that will help me in this occupation? I’m a citizen of the United States.

  8. Why do I want to do this job? The reason why i want to do this job is because i think is Interesting and it looks fun and because i have 5 older brothers that said they were gonna be Border Patrols but they dropped out of school in their freshman year and i told them that i wanna be a border patrol and they said that if i do become a border patrol they will be really proud of me because i will be the first one to graduate and actually have a career.

  9. Where will I be located with this job... exact location? Border Patrol, 802 Spring Street, Brackettville, TX 78832.