Trade Routes

Trade routes people used in the Middle Ages. positive impact

Positive Thoughts

I think that the middle ages trade routes was a very big and positive impact on mankind although it might of spread the black death to Europe it still had positive effect . With the silk road it help circulate different products and goods all across different countries. One positive example is people ate better from all the food/spice being traded. People had better protection with the gun powder and tool being invented. People also became wealthier by trading things for goods like gold or silk etc...

Silk Road

The silk road was any trade route that connected to Europe, India, China, the Middle East, and West Africa. How did it get its name? The silk road is called the silk road because silk from China was one of the main things traded. By trading spices, glass, wool, silk, gold, instruments, metal work, herbal medicines, and lots more. This increased wealth, sanitation, health, clothes, eating, protection, and with the increasing of those things people got to live much better too.

In Conclusions

In conclusion the silk road was a positive impact, there was many inventions, clothing , food and spice that help lots of people and their crops. This brought fame and wealth to most of the different countries.