Battle Of Arras

World War 1

By: Jorge & Tanner

Battle Information:

The battle of Arras took place in Arras, France in the spring of 1917. The battle was between France and The British Army vs Germany. They traveled in tunnels which were the best offensive strategy. The battle was only supposed to last 48 hours, but instead it lasted for only a month (April 9-May 16). The French Army was lead by the commander-in-chief, General Nivelle. The British General was General Haig. General Ludwig Von Falkenhausen lead the Germans. There was a counterattack by the British against the Germans. They did this so the Germans wouldn't spread and have more ground. (For more information click on the following link ).

Troop Casualties

160,000 British

125,000 German

Winner Of The Battle

British Empire

Places To Visit In Arras, France

Best Time To Come And Visit

The best time to visit this battlefield site is from April to October because of the warm weather. If you prefer colder weather then don't come around these months. Anywhere before and after is fine.

Area Information

  • If you are in the city of Paris you will need to take the A1 highway and it will take you straight to the city of Arras. It will be a 2 hour drive depending on the traffic.
  • An interesting attraction to visit while you're here is the museum which is actually the tunnels that were used by the allies in WW1 and are located under Arras too.
  • Top 5 restaurants to eat while you're here are:
  1. La Part des Anges
  2. La Mamounia
  3. Bistrot du Boucher
  4. Me & You
  5. Le Petit rat porteur
  • Top 2 hotels to stay at:
  1. Mercure Atria Arras Centre
  2. Hotel Les Trois Luppars
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Mercure Atria Arras Centre

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Hotel Les Trois Luppars