What the Internet Knows About You

By: Logan Schmidt

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  • Once you put your personal information on Facebook, anyone can see it!
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  • Deleting cookies and plug-in-data can help keep your information safe.
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What the Internet Knows about You

There are many things that people or businesses do to get your information. If you search, for example, dogs, the internet will store that away and they can get to that information. Then, ads about adopting a dog or dog food will come up when you search something. If you want to delete some of this information you can always delete your cookies, which is what most of your searching info. is in.

Even though deleting your cookies and plug-in data logs you out of all the sites you were on, it is a small price to pay. We are to lenient on what information they give out. The internet is like a library of personal information on everyone.