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December 7, 2020

Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of Jefferson County Upper Elementary School is to provide a 21st century learning environment that produces civically, responsible scholars that are college and career ready.

The vision of Jefferson County Upper Elementary School is to foster an enthusiastic, creative community of scholars ready to influence change in the world.

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Dear Families and Community Members:

This week we will begin Encase Benchmarks and Nine Weeks exams. All testing will be virtually and starts at 8:30am daily (students should log-in by 7:55am). Non-testers should log into Canvas and work on incomplete assignments.

Your support is still needed to ensure that all scholars are successful in their studies! You can help us by doing the following-

  • Add your child's district gmail account to your mobile device. This will allow you to monitor their incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Download the Canvas parent app to your mobile device. This will allow you to become an observer of your child's assignments and grades.
  • Check your Active Parent Account. Important messages are posted for your viewing.
  • Update your contact number and mailing address if it has changed since registration so that we can contact you as needed.

Thank you parents for all you do for the scholars of Jefferson County Upper Elementary!


Principal Carter

Attendance for the Week of November 30, 2020

Student Goal: 95%+

Student Attendance: 95%

Teacher Goal: 95%+

Teacher Attendance: 93.6%

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December Teacher of the Month

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Mrs. Shalonda Johnson

Shalonda Johnson is a 2001 graduate of Jefferson County High School. She is a first-year teacher at Jefferson County Upper Elementary. Mrs. Johnson is excited to be of service to the children of the Jefferson County School District and looks forward to a productive school year. She received a Master's Degree in Guidance Counseling from Alcorn State University and is currently seeking a second Masters in Secondary Education from Alcorn State University. Mrs. Johnson is the proud wife of Carl L. Johnson, Jr. and mother of three children: Carlneshia, Arshalya, and Carlton.

Motto: A new school year means new beginnings, new adventures, new friendships, and new challenges.

December Student of the Month

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Akierrehs Grandberry

Akierrehs is the 11 year old daughter of Angela & Barry Thompson and Emico Grandberry from Redlick MS. She has two brothers Akierrian and Akierreon Grandberry. She loves to cook, write, draw, read, and sing. She also loves to spend time with family. Her favorite subject is ELA. She’s an honor student who plans to go even higher by becoming a doctor when she grows up because she wants to help people with different types of sicknesses. Her motto is "You only live one life but if you live it right once is enough.”
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If your plant is wilting and losing leaves, how do you help it? It doesn’t require a green-thumb to know that watering its roots will be far more effective than watering its leaves. The wilting leaves are the consequence of a “root” issue.

When your child is struggling with an assignment, it’s tempting to identify a quick-fix so they can finish the assignment and move on. However, to solve the problem for the long-term, it’s important to identify the root issue.

For example, when your child is having difficulty answering reading comprehension questions, your instinct may be to strategize a way just to get the questions answered, thereby solving what appears to be the immediate problem. But digging deeper, you may find that the vocabulary is too difficult, or keeping track of all the characters and their various connections is confusing, or they can’t make sense of the big-picture context. Addressing those challenges with targeted interventions gets at the root of the problem and outfits your child’s toolbox with strategies for use over the long-term.

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Helpful Information/Tips for Parents


  • Excuses for missed days should be emailed to the school secretary within three days of the absence by the parent or guardian.
  • A maximum of two (2) days for illness/injury per nine weeks can be recognized as excused when a note has been signed by a parent/guardian. A student absent in excess of two (2) days per nine weeks must provide school officials with a written explanation from a health provider. These medical notes must be submitted within three (3) days following the student’s return to school.
  • Any technical issues with scholars logging into class which may cause a day of missed instruction should be emailed to the teacher and school secretary by the parent or guardian.
  • When students miss instruction due to internet connectivity, they must complete and submit the assignment in the instructional packet by Monday of the following week to remove the absent mark. Instructional packets are posted in Canvas weekly and available on the district website. A printed copy can be requested by calling the school office.
  • Teacher meeting IDS, passwords, and links are the same (no changes). Call the front office or email the school secretary if you need the information again.
  • Students should log in or attend all required classes daily for the entire period.

Student District Email

The students' district email accounts are Google (Gmail) accounts. Parents you are encouraged to add your child's account to your personal device to keep up with all information between the student and school.


Jefferson County Upper Elementary School communicates with parents and students through the following means-

The Upper Elementary team is here for support and you are encouraged to contact us for assistance as we work together this school year.

Teamwork, Collaboration, and Success

Jefferson County Upper Elementary School

Ms. Cashoney Carter, Principal | Ext. 300 | cacarter@jcpsd.net

Ms. Ophelia Rowan, Secretary | Ext. 301 | orowan@jcpsd.net

Mrs. Gretchen Carter, Counselor | Ext. 302 | gstampley@jcpsd.net