Pigeon Forge Vacation

Saturday, June 20, Whoooo-whoooo!!!

Plans for Fox-Tutterow-Johnson-Lambert Vacation

I hope you're all getting super-excited and ready for a week apart from all the "stuff" in our lives...a week to come together to rest and recreate.

Here's an update:

Time of Departure?

We will be leaving promptly at 10:00 a.m. from the Fox Commune. Here's what I know:

These folks are driving: Tutterrows (and will be taking a trailer), Gina Fox, and Lamberts.

Need more questions answered?

What are we going to eat?

Saturday? Ummm...I don't know. (subliminal message - I love pic-a-nic-a's) Because Father's Day is on Sunday, the men will get to decide where to eat lunch on Sunday. Monday, the Tutterrows, Teresa and Martha will be providing a delicious dining experience. We will wait to plan the rest of the week, so we can work meals into the plan(s).

What to bring?

Amy: for their house: Detergent/Softener (for their group); for all: paper plates, cups, napkins, bathroom sprays

Dawn: Detergent/Softener (for our group); ziploc bags;

Tammy: Mayo, catsup, mustard, tea, 2-liter drinks, sugar, salt, pepper

Gina: Starbucks coffee (2)

Shelby: Dishwasher tabs (2);

**Amy is bringing Texas Caviar, Teresa is bringing Chex mix, Martha is making pimento cheese. Let's all bring our favorite snack foods to share.

**Bring swimsuits, work-out clothes (really)

**Sunscreen, bugspray, hats, golfclubs, tennis rackets?