Steroids...Are They Good in Sports?

By: MasterCrafter ( M.C. )

Do Steroids really help boost your Ability in Sports?

This is a highly controversial topic in the world of sports. But the Answer is Yes. They Do they do help take an athlete to the next level of their game. But they are just as if not more dangerous than they are effective.

Steroids will help make you Bigger, Faster and a lot stronger. 1 in 10 ex NFL stars admit that they used steroids at some point in their career. They usually turn to steroids when they hit a rough patch in performance, or their body is simply breaking down and they need it to make them feel younger.

Health Effects of Steroids....

  1. Lowers Testosterone Level
  2. Erectile Dis function
  3. Roid Rage (getting angry very easily)
  4. Acne on back and chest
  5. Raises chances of a heart attack

Sit Down Losers Its My FIrst post

Hello, I am an anonymous account writing about the dangers of steroids. A kid at my school takes Creatine, and we are trying to get him to stop. He is cheating his way to success in the weight room. That is one of the reason I picked this Topic for my Genuis Hour