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December 2014

12 Days of Twitter Challenge

Anyone up for a little fun with the go-tool of educators? I borrowed the idea of the 12 days of Twitter Challenge from Mickie Mueller, and Ed Tech Facilitator from Norfolk, Nebraska. The idea is to tweet once a day for 12 days using #12daystwitter, from Dec. 2 through Dec. 17 (weekends not included). Each day features a different topic. Check it out:

  • Day 1 - Tweet an introduction to the challenge. Include your name, school/district & hashtag if you have one.
  • Day 2 - Tweet a link to your favorite website.
  • Day 3 - Tweet your favorite app or extension.
  • Day 4 - Tweet a picture of your favorite holiday decoration.
  • Day 5 - Tweet a link to a favorite video for use in a classroom setting.
  • Day 6 - Retweet something you have found interesting, helpful, funny, etc., either from this challenge or from other people you follow.
  • Day 7 - A) Tweet a person to follow; B) Follow a new suggestion.
  • Day 8 - Tweet a shout-out to a teacher or student who deserves some recognition. If they are on Twitter be sure to include a mention (@mention)
  • Day 9 - Tweet out your favorite quote for the day. (Famous person, student, colleague)
  • Day 10 - Tweet out a question you have regarding your curriculum. Add a relevant hashtag.
  • Day 11 - Tweet your favorite thing that has happened in your school or classroom this year.
  • Day 12 - Tweet out one goal you have for yourself, your students, or classroom for the rest of the school year.

I plan on jumping in on the challenge and encourage you and other teachers to join me. Psst, #kcedu is also having a Twitter challenge--day 2 already!

Photos for Class

Images for projects can sometimes be tricky, but not with Photos for Class! The team from Storyboard That has developed this site to help hook students up with Flickr images they can use in school. This filtered environment assures that all images included are appropriate for school settings--"G rated". Each image comes with its own citation information (see sample image below) and students can learn more about the attribution process.

Big image
"The answer I love giving to a kid's science question: I don't know! But there is a way you might investigate to answer." @elakdawalla -- INQUIRY IS EVERYWHERE!! Have you collaborated with a teacher lately?

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