Canada is the best country to live?

In Canada, a number of 3.8 million babies were born in 2001! Canada has saved a lot of people's lives by accepting them by other countries from war, poverty, poor conditions, weather and slavery so they can start a new and better life. Other reasons can include violence, better life, better homes, better education, better health care, food and cleaner water. Canada accepted a lot of countries around the world to start new. In Canada, We have accepted different varieties of countries like China, India, Philipines, Pakistan, African countries and other countries that need to change form their original lifestyles. Canada is indeed one of the richest countries in the world and is known for it's clean environment, clean food and fresh water systems, Strict laws and a very good security systems such as a prison, good homes, steady climates and a lot of the world's resources and products. In the year 2050, Canada might become an overpopulated and crowded country. A lot more trees would be cut down and the will become more shopping areas, homes, clinics etc. Also will be used to grow crops and vegetables and will take away a lot of homes for animals and could cause endangered or extinct species. And perhaps they might move and live in the United States which is quite similar to Canada. Animals will be affected by the development of new vehicles, factories and other objects that can cause a major pollution in the future. Canada is known for having a lot of resources. Some of the resources are natural farmland so we can plant and grow our fruits, vegetables, and plants to make our delicious food, fresh water so we can be hydrated, healthy and well, stable weather and climate during the seasons,(e.g. the summer is not too hot and the winter is not too warm) and varieties of animals that live in our country and cities like beavers, bears, moose, deer, wolves, coyotes, raccoons, lynx, cougars, geese and other species. Also we have varieties of plant life like pine trees, evergreens, coniferous and etc. In Canada you can get the best of career and job applications, good health care and hospitals, great education, clean water, food supplies and shelter. America may have better places and better climates but Canada is a safer place to live. In Canada they are different types of landform regions. But the Canadian Shield is indeed the largest landform region covering up most of Canada's land. It is also known to be the best landform region for fun, recreational activities. In the Canadian Shield you can do a lot of fun activities like go fishing, canoeing, camping in the wilderness, hiking up the mountains, hunting, swimming in our water, waterskiing, boating, horseback riding or just simply walking around and admiring the trees, the plants and the animals in the woods. Occasionally it is used for farming, hunting animals for fur, mining for gold, silver, nickel, copper etc., cutting down trees to make paper and furniture, and to give new immigrants a tour for those who never been there before and is their first time to come look at the beauty of Canada. Those are my reasons why Canada is the best country.