Troop 699 News

News for the Week of 5-9-2016

Happy Mothers Day Everyone!!

I want to say a very special and happy Mothers day to all the Scout Mommas in our troop!! I hope you enjoy your day! Below you will find URGENT matters that we need to get out!


Events COMING UP!!!!

Monday 5-9-2016 - I will be at Liberty WALMART at approximately 5:30, if you want to help shop for the care packs we care making please meet me at the front doors near the pharmacy. I will go into the store at 5:45. I need to get in get as many items as I can and get out, Ren has a softball game I have to go to following this.

Thursday - 5-19-2016 Our meeting will be at my shop, since we don't have the church that day and softball is on Monday. We will be putting together our care packages and making a list of what we need for camping...

Which brings me to my next RSVP.

Below: You will find a link you can click and let me know if you plan to camp. I also need to know who has a tent and who doesn't so I can borrow/buy tents. We will be camping at Watkins Mill State Park. I will be booking the plots on 5-23-2016, if you have not already said you plan on attending you need to do so. If I do not hear from you I will assume you are not camping and I will not book a plot. With the amount of girls and parents we have, 5 lots are needed, it isn't fair since this is coming out of the troop account to confirm or assume your confirmation so I need your confirmation!


Orange Easel is booked for June 11th, this is another that if you plan on coming I need to know, if you don't plan on coming I also need to know. This is coming out of the girls cookie earnings and I need to ensure we are spending it appropriately and it isn't going to waste.

Thank you all and have a great week!