Cuba's Physical Features

Cuba may be an island but like any country it has some physical land features. The main land feature is the Sierra Maestra (in the picture). This mountain was home to not 1 not 2 but 3 wars! There is another main land feature, arable land. If you judge Cuba by its size you won't expect how much arable land is in Cuba. The percent of land that is arable in Cuba is 27.63% that's of all the land on Cuba.

Cuba's Economy

In my opinion Cuba has an amazing economy. They may be just an island but the still have a better GDP per person than Brazil. Cuba has 3 major trading partners China, Brazil, and Venezuela. Cuba's main resource imported is refined petroleum. On the other hand Cuba's main export is raw sugar.

Venezuela Enviormental Isssues

What is the main issues to Venezuela? Well The main one is of course deforestation. Now this is a very big disaster because it causes oxygen depletion and added co2. This will cause deaths and many bad traits to the world like acid, and animals losing there homes. In general this will just make it all worse and make it seem like its ok to other people and that means more people will do it. If that happens the whole world will eventually die so I say we create parks and preserve our trees. If they don't listen then they should not use big machines, but use small equipment.

Mexican Goverment

The Mexican government is a very conflicted government. The type of government that mexico has is democracy. Mexico's current leader is Enrique peña nieto. The president of mexico serves a 6 year term and can only be elected one time. As I said before how mexico is a conflicted government is because of two very real and very BIG issues; and these issues are bribery because people will bribe certain Mexican leaders, and the other issues is the fight against the zapatistas the zapatistas are a group of people like 1000- 10000 people fight for one cause the fight for Mexican farmer's rights.