Followers are called Muslims

Islamic Teachings and Believings

Islam has over a thousand million followers. This makes it the second most popular religion. It is thought to be a way of life instead of a religion. The word Islam means obedience and was made from a word meaning peace.

Islam focuses on the fact that there is only one God, called Allah. Islam first began when it was discovered by the Prophet Muhammad in Arabia. The Islam religion is mostly practiced in the Middle East, Asia, and to the north of Africa.

Muslims believe in a line of prophets, starting with Adam. Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet sent by Allah. The first prophet was Adam. Muslims believe in angels, in their holy books (such as Koran, also spelled Qur'an), and in Prophets. They also believe the Day of Judgement, a day where everyone decides whether they want to go to heaven or hell. Another Muslim belief is in the Predestination. This means that Allah has decided what will happen, and that it doesn't stop people from making free choices. They also believe that there are Five Pillars of Faith that every Muslim must perform.

The first is Declaration of Faith, or a statement saying you believe that the only God is Allah. The second is prayer, which means praying five times a day. The five times are dawn, early morning, midday, afternoon, dusk, and at night. The third pillar is charity, or donations. It also involves listening to your peers. The fourth pillar is pilgrimage, which means visting Hajj at least once in your life. The last pillar is fasting, which means fasting during Ramadan.


One Islamic tradition is not eating or drinking anything during daylight hours of Ramadan. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. Muslims fast during the day and have a feast at night. Another tradition is going to Hajj. This means going to Mecca at least once. Mecca is a village that only Muslims are allowed in. Another tradition that is done everyday is praying five times a day. (See picture below) The five times are dawn, early morning, midday, afternoon, dusk, and at night. (Picture on right shows Muslims visiting Hajj.)
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Places of Worship

One place of worship is mosque. A mosque is a place for Muslims to worship Allah. In a mosque, there is a minaret. A minaret is the place where Muslims are called to prayer. The picture to the left is a mosque.

Worship Leaders

A Muslim prayer leader is called an Imam. They lead prayers and they take care of the mosque (see paragraph above for more on mosque). A Mullah is a teacher of Muslim. The picture on the right is a Worship Leader leading worship.

Holy Book

The Islamic Holy Book is called Koran (also spelled Qur'an). They believe the final message of God was recorded in the Koran. The Koran is in the picture to the left.

Islamic Holidays

Ramadan is one of the major holidays. Muslims fast during the day and have a feast in the night. This happens during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Eid al Fitr marks the end of Ramadan. It also celebrates food, family, and thanks. (The picture on the right is the Islamic symbol.)

Holy Cities

Mecca is the most holy city. It has the most holy mosque within it. The second most holy city is Medina (also spelled Medinah) which means "City of the Prophet." The third most holy city is Jerusalem. The picture on the left is The Great Mosque of Kairouan.

Common Figure

Abraham is a common figure to Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. This is because he founded monotheistic religions. This means he founded religions that believe that there is only one God. The picture on the right is a painting of Abraham.

View of God

Islam is a monotheistic religion. Muslims believe that there is only one God. They believe that Allah (God) is the creator of everything. They believe that He has power over everything He creates. They also believe that God is the only one worthy of worship. This is why Muslims pray to Allah every day five times.

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