The Hive in Room 5

Here's the buzz...


This week we read Time for Bed and focused on the following skills:

  • text to self connections
  • text to text connections
  • beginning and ending diagraphs (ch, sh, th, wh)

Queen Bee

We enjoyed learning about our very own Natalie Ward. It was so exciting to hear her mom read to us today!


We used our Turkeys in Disguise as a springboard for a writing piece. This week, we wrote about how we disguised our turkeys by using the words first, next, and last. We also became editors this week! Each first grader independently edited his/her first piece of writing for correct use of upper and lower case letters, punctuation, spelling of word wall words, and spacing. Remember to check out our final pieces hanging in the hallway when you come for conferences this month!


This week we continued working in unit 3 focusing on the following skills:

  • counting on a number line
  • adding and subtracting on a number line
  • telling time to the half hour
  • frames and arrows


It was a critter filled week in the hive! We studied snails, crickets, and fish paying particular attention to the parts of their bodies used for movement, eating, and breathing. How exciting!

Turkeys in Disguise

Thank you to everyone for sending in your Turkeys in Disguise. Our hallway is decorated with some wonderful displays of creativity and the kids are so proud of their family projects. Please take time to check out the turkeys when you visit for conferences this month!

Parent Volunteers

If you signed up to be a parent volunteer in our classroom during our Daily 5 block of time, I have good news. We are ready to start inviting you in starting in December. I created a schedule for December only at this time and if you were on the list from Back to School Night, I will send a copy home with your child on Monday. If you do not receive a copy and would like to be on our schedule starting in January, please email me. also, if you received a schedule and can no longer volunteer, just let me know and we can find another parent volunteer. Thanks!

Volunteers Needed for Gayman Handwriting Club

Lisa Hinkel, Occupational Therapist, will be conducting a training session on Thursday, November 21st, at 12:30 for parents interested in working directly with students to help improve handwriting and small motor skills. Once trained, volunteers will be contacted directly by classroom teachers to work with one or two students for 10-15 minutes on a weekly or twice weekly basis. Materials are provided. Our parent volunteers have been an invaluable resource to both students and teachers. Please contact Suzanne Vass @ if you are interested in attending the training session. Thank you!