Friday Focus

Learning for Life

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We had 65 students in the library after school yesterday. I think that may be a record!

Hour of Code

Our own Mrs. Shockley and Ms. Cribbs from BIS brought their classes together yesterday for Hour of Code, an activity to introduce students to coding and computer science. It was a neat learning experience!
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Important Reminder about school business forms

If you will be out for school business, it is very important to submit the paperwork at least a week in advance of your absence. If we can process these and get them to central office before the day you are out it causes problems on our end. Thank you for your help with this.

Accessing your school Google Account

It's going to be important in the near future for you to be able to access your school Google account. Everyone has an account established, but a few of you may not have logged in to the account yet. The video below has brief instructions on how to do this.
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Twitter Chats - Meet Up

If you've never participated in a Twitter education chat, you might consider giving it a try. It's a great way to connect with other educators who may share similar interests or teaching responsibilities. I've included a couple of links below with information on how to participate along with a comprehensive chat schedule.