Lazy Lakes

By: Haylee Bennett

Get ready to wow with ecosystem facts!!!!!!!!!!

My ecosystem is a lake. Lakes can exist for hundreds of years! Lakes are divided into different zones! Plankton live in the lakes! Plankton are a big part of the food chain! Lakes are bigger than a pond! If there wasn't a lake then all the animals including plankton,fish, and frogs would have to find new homes that probably aren't as good as a lake.

Get ready for producers and consumers!!!!!!!!!!

A producer is a plant that uses the suns energy to create its own food. Consumers are something that cant create its own food. It has to consume food.The algae is a producer. The plankton is a producer. A producer is the grass around the lake. A consumer is a bear. A producer is lily pads. :)

Give me a drum roll...ABIOTIC FACTORS!!!!!!

Some nonliving or abiotic factors is sunlight, water, sand, and rocks. Abiotic means nonliving. Biotic means living. Think of the b in biotic as the b in bear. Bears are living.The a in abiotic is as in air. :)

Are you ready for PREDATORS and PREY!!!!!!!!

A prey is something that gets eaten. A predator hunts down the prey.A prey is plankton. The predator is bigger fish. SNAP!!!!! The predator is a bear it eats the fish. CHOMP!!! A predator is a frog it eats bugs. SLURP!!!!! :)
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How to fish at a lake

Here is how to how to fish at a lake. The first step is to buy a fishing pole. After that, you go to a nearby lake. Then, you buy some bait at a bait store. Grab a clothespin it really stinks. Then, you carefully throw the string back and it flies into the water. After that, you wait patiently for a fish to tug on the string. Finally, you see the bobber go down in the water. You then pull the string and you caught a fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!