Bangladesh War Of Independence

By Giuseppi Ormaeche

The Bangladesh War of Independence

The Bangladesh War Of Independence started March 26, 1971 and ended December 16, 1971, but before the Bangladesh war of independence, Pakastan seperated from India. Pakistan separated from india in 1947 and made two different countries with two different religions. Pakistan mostly consisted of Muslims, and India mostly consisted of Hindus. West Pakistan had a 97% Muslim population and East Pakastan had a 15% non-Muslim population. In East Pakistan, on March 7, 1971, Bangobondhu gave a speech at the Racecourse Ground. In his speech he mentioned four-point to consider the National Assembly Meeting on March 25 :

  1. The immediate lifting of martial law.
  2. Immediate withdrawal of all military personnel to their barracks.
  3. An inquiry into the loss of life.
  4. Immediate transfer of power to the elected representative of the people before the assembly meeting March 25

On the night of March 25, the Pakistan army suppressed the bengali opposition. Many battles were fought, even in Dhaka. By midnight, Dhaka was burning.Hindu areas all over Bangladesh were attacked and destroyed. On March 26, the nation made an armed attack against the Pakistani occupation forces following the killings of the night of March 25. Pakistan arrested Sheikh Mujib for calling to people to resist. On March 26, 1971, M.A. Hannan is to have made the first annousment of the declaration of Independence. The insurgents and the Pakistan army fought in battles. Men and women from Bangladesh fought for their freedom. On December 3, Pakistan launched an air strick but failed. Indira Gandhi ordered and launched a full scale invasion and started the Indo-Pakistani war. Both India and Bangladesh worked together aganist Pakistan. On December 16, the capital Dhaka fell into Mitro Bahini-the allied forces. After Pakistan surrender late 1971, the people of Bangladesh celebrated ttheir liberation. In 1972 the Shimla Agreement was signed between India and Pakistan. Over 3 million people died in the war. During the war some women were raped and killed. Some survivor's of the tell the experience they had during the war and what they did to survive. At the end, the people of Bangladesh wanted their freedom.

How the war affected the people

The main reason the whole war started was because most of the people of East Pakistan wanted to be independent from Pakistan. The war made many people sad because member's of their family's died. Homes of many people were lost. Inspite of the lost, new jobs were created and they were able to restart their lives. It allowed the people of Bangladesh to rule how they wanted. They were able to be recognized as a free country.