EIE Awards: Nominate Your School!

Colonial IU 20 is now accepting nomination applications for the 2017 Excellence in Education Awards.

What are the Excellence in Education Awards?

The Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 Excellence in Education Awards ceremony is held annually to recognize outstanding educational programs throughout the public schools across Colonial Intermediate Unit 20. The awards program is presented by Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 and its member school districts. Designed by the world famous Crystal Signatures Company, the Excellence in Education Award is a prestigious award given to celebrate and recognize exceptional teaching and learning programs in our schools and communities.

How do I apply to win an Excellence in Education Award?

Nomination Applications can be found here: www.ciu20.org/eienominations

Nominations may be submitted by any resident, school student, school employee or school entity in Monroe, Northampton or Pike County. Each submission may only be entered in one category. Application deadline is February 23, 2017.

What are the categories for nominations?

A total of seven awards may be presented. Award presentations may be made in the following categories:

  1. Category One: Three awards may be presented to educational programs or activities that take creative approaches toward providing highly effective teaching and learning opportunities.
  2. Category Two: Three awards may be presented to educational programs or activities that are built around active engagement of parents, families and/or the community in school efforts that strengthen or enhance student performance and school success.
  3. Category Three: One award may be presented to a non-school entity that has a demonstrated commitment to supporting efforts to strengthen and preserve public schools.

When are the Excellence in Education Awards taking place this year?

The 2017 Excellence in Education Awards will be presented at a special ceremony on Thursday, April 27, 2017, to eligible educational programs in Monroe, Northampton and Pike counties. Further information regarding registration will be distributed once award recipients are chosen.

More Information on Event Website

Please view the Excellence in Education (EIE) website for the most up to date information regarding the event: www.ciu20.org/eie


Julie Eates, Coordinator of Professional Development

610-515-6549, jeates@ciu20.org

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