Kicking Off the Final 9 Weeks

Changing Things Up to Close Out the Year

Jamestown Update

In your child's Monday folder you will find information about our trip for next Tuesday to Jamestown. To highlight a couple of points, please make sure your child is on time for school as we will not hold buses for students. The second is to make sure your child has a ride home. We anticipate being home between 5:30 and 6 p.m. If you would like your child to ride home with another parent, we need a note just like a regular school day. I have sent chaperone's some additional information in the Monday folders. If anyone has a question after reading the letter, please let me know.

Starting the Final Nine Weeks

This week we will be taking a practice reading SOL. It will be broken into two days, just like our real reading test in May. We will give the test on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We are not having a TFK this week, but there will be TFK-type reading homework. We launched our Middle Ages unit today, which will be incorporated into Language Arts. This nine weeks we will be working on biographies and poetry in reading and a final fiction piece in writing. Finally, this is a science-only final nine weeks where we will cover weather and the planets.