Tuesday News and Notes

October 13, 2015

Week at a Glance!


  • Unannounced observations begin for grade 5/6 and PE
  • First intervention period begins
  • Faculty meeting: As Friday's Active Shooter training went a little longer than expected, some staff were unable to compete their SLO's. In addition, we have several staff members who still need to complete Hazcom. Thus, 2:30-3:30 will be dedicated to completing these two tasks in lieu of a faculty meeting. I will be available from 2:30-3:30 to answer questions on SLO's. There will also be a pep rally meeting at 2:30. I would like each grade level leader to attend in order to relay ideas back to your grade or department
  • GLL meeting will begin at 3:30 in my office
  • 5th grade camp meeting is at 11:45


  • PSAT testing will be held in the middle school gym until 11:30
  • Progress Reports go home
  • Ski Club Meeting 6:30pm


  • Faculty Liaison Meeting 2:30 in my office
  • BOE Meeting 6:30


  • I will be at BOCES attending the required Lead Evaluator Training

How to enter SLO scores!

Please be sure to review your target scores. Setting scores showing no growth or growth regression does not represent high expectations or speak to the value of your teaching. I have attached the guidelines sent out by BOCES when scoring regionals. As professionals you have discretion and a better understanding of your individual students. However, lowering expectations or not setting them high enough will lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy and one the student does not deserve nor do you as a professional educator. If you have questions or would like to discuss individual student targets, please let me know.


I have reached out to BOCES to form a partnership which will allow our own teachers to teach a paid enrichment class. So far we will be offering:

A cooking class with Amy Trigg

Robotics with Jeanine Flinton

Chess with Brad Johnson

We are looking to start these classes in two weeks. They will last for 6 weeks and I will email staff with the names of students who signed up. RTI lab takes precedent over enrichment. Please refrain from sending home permission slips to those students attending 9th period lab.

We will offer also offer a winter enrichment program. I will solicit information from those interested in teaching a class later this fall.

Halloween vote!

Minions win the popular vote! All staff are encouraged to get involved and dress like a Minion for our 2015 Halloween parade.