Migrant Project FIT Training

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Important things to know:
  1. We are providing a working lunch for all attendees so we will need a headcount for ALL parents and district personnel - ONE WEEK PRIOR to the workshop
  2. Only district personnel need to register online.
  3. For planning purposes, please email Nancy Zahn, nancyz@ncesd.org, with the total number of parents from your district attending Project FIT.
  4. There will be time built into the schedule for PAC officers to meet.
Register HERE for Project FIT - May 18th

Event: 17291 Location: NCESD - 2nd Floor Ponderosa Room

This workshop will help districts engage parents/PACs in the design, implementation, and evaluation of their local Migrant Education Program. Core Audience: Federal Program directors/Coordinators, PAC parents. Participants will improve their ability to effectively work and communicate with their team through a variety of activities and discussions focused on their district MEP planning goals. Participants will provide input into the evaluation of their district’s Migrant Education Program by engaging in activities that monitor and evaluate the progress toward the Washington State Service Delivery Plan goals and suggestions for redirection on steps that still need more work. Each district will draft a calendar to schedule the remaining work (tasks, meetings, activities) for those steps that were identified as still needing more work.
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