The Local Seattle

By Daniel Heacock

Bill Gates

Have you heard of Bill Gates? He was born October 28th 1955 Seattle, Washington. His parents were William H. Gates and Mary M. Gates. When he was in middle school he aimed to be a billionaire at the age of 30 and was bragging to his teachers that he would be a billionaire at the age of 30 but became a billionaire at the age of 31. When he was in collage he dropped out after a couple years so he didn’t get his college degree.

When he became a billionaire he made a company called Microsoft and that’s how he made all his money. He sold his first computer program at the age of 17. After a couple years of working at Microsoft he got banned from Computer Center Corporation. He has got arrested twice for going over the speed limit and driving without a license and two years later he got arrested for the same thing besides he ran a stop sign.

Bill Gates is the richest man on earth. As a kid he told everyone that he was going to be a billionaire and kids teased of the song Billionaire. So once he got older he he changed his name from William H. Gates III to Bill H. Gates. He also went to England and received a knighthood from the Queen of England.

Seattle Washington

Have you heard of Seattle,Washington? Well if u have you might learn so interesting facts that u haven't maybe known about. If you haven't you could get a lot of facts. Did you know that the land of Seattle has been inhabited for at least 4,000 years? Washington (The capital of the U.S.A) has many cities and the largest of them all is Seattle. The population is over 6000,000 people! The land area is huge 84 sq mi! The average temp there is about 48.1 - 65.2 so its not that bad but it gets chilly.

The Space Needle is a wonderful place its shaped like a alien saucer it was built in 1962 and its amazing. When u arrive there you have to take the elevator up and its so fast that it takes only 43 seconds! The elevator weighs about 14,000 pounds! At the very top there is about 25 lightning rods! Did you know that the Space Needle is suppose to be a warning beacon which is about 605 ft tall!

Have ever heard of the Fremont Troll? Its under the Fremont bridge in Seattle and its really big and it was built in 1990. It was mostly created with concrete, wire, and steel that's a lot of wires they used for the outline of it. Several people built it it was a large structure after they got it done. The whole entire Troll is about 18 ft tall that is huge!

Bill Gates Word Search

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