How to heal the world

Please, protect the world!!!

Wild animals in extincton!

  • Destruction of the ozone layer, a pollution of rivers and oceans, destruction of the plants and animals and the habithats.
  • We must protect florests that the animals can live freely in their habitat, we must recycle, we can save water and we shouldn't throw rubbish on the floor!!!

Environment Protection

  • We Can:
  • -Start reclycling paper, glass and plastic
  • -Saving water
  • -Saving energy
  • We Can't:
  • -let rubbish in the floor


  • We can:
  • - recycle and reuse e-wast.
  • We should'nt:
  • - let in the floor, rivers and oceans.


  • We should have more bins for recycle
  • Reuse the old things
  • Put the rubbish in the right bins

From: Marina Camelo, Carolina Bráz, Henrique Luis.

Nº.18 and Nº.8 6ªA