Grade 2 News

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Upcoming Events:

Friday, December 4: Art Show (4 PM- 6:30 PM)

Thursday, Dec. 17: Winter Show

Field Trips:

Thursday, Dec. 3 - Technik Museum (2a)

Friday, Dec. 4 - Jewish Museum Berlin (2d)

Tuesday, December 8: Grade Level trip to Märchenhütte


We hope you can attend our annual Art Show this Friday from 4 - 6:30! Come see the wonderful artwork and performances on the 3rd and 4th floor!

Skating Excursion

All Grade 2 students will go on a field trip to the Erika Hess Eisstadion on January 6 at 9 am.

Teachers are sending home a permission slip this week to be signed and returned to school.

We could also use some parent chaperons to come with us! Please let your class teacher know if you are interested in joining!

Ways to help at home

  • Continue to encourage practice through Raz Kids and Mathletics
  • Try the links below for fun websites to practice measurement, nouns and verbs and mapping skills. There is also a video explaining strategies for adding 2-digit numbers
  • For extra practice, encourage students to write or say creative sentences using their spelling words
  • Notice irregular past tense verbs in readers (ex: eat, ate). Students can make a list at home and add them to our class lists

Unit 2: How we organize ourselves

Central Idea: Transportation systems are directly related to the needs of a community

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Purpose of different transportation systems
  • Factors that affect the kinds of systems that can be developed
  • Relationship between transportation systems and the environment

Profiles: inquirer, thinker

Attitudes: appreciation, integrity, cooperation

Unit Vocabulary:

Transportation, communities, environment, resources, kilometer, distance, arrival, departure, energy

Language concepts:

  • Review writing conventions (full stop, spacing, letter formation, capitalization)
  • The 5 W's (Who, What, Where, When, Why)
  • Using connectives (and, but, then, so, because, etc.)

Spelling Investigations:

  • verbs and verb tenses (adding s, es, ed, ing)
  • plural nouns (s, es, ies)

Mathematics concepts during this unit:

  • measurement (km, m, cm)
  • time (to hour, half hour, 15 minute intervals)
  • local and simple maps (Cardinal directions, positional language)

Number Skills this semester (continued outside of the unit):

  • Place value to 1,000
  • Add and subtract 1 and 2 digit numbers
  • Skip counting by 2, 5, 10 and 100 (forward and backward)
  • Begin to interpret word problems

Grade 2 Learning in Action

Fun online math and language games!

Strategies for Adding Two-Digit Numbers

Here is a video sharing a few strategies we use in the classroom to help students with adding two digit numbers.



Throughout the past weeks students have learned facts, celebrations and holiday symbols about different winter holidays, such as Channukkah, Christmas, Nikolaus, Sankt Martin or Aşure. We learned the difference between:

* A fact - Channukkah lasts 8 days.

* An opinion - I like the Advent calendar because children get a little surprise every day.

* A symbol - Chanukkia, Christmas tree


Students continue to work in their dictionaries in order to improve their writing. They are now looking up words and correct their spelling independently.

Ways to help at home

1. Practice looking up words in word list/dictionary.

2. Talk about facts and opinions about a holiday that you celebrate at home.

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BMS Home Language Program

"We have begun a Home Language program at BMS that takes place every second Tuesday. A flyer is attached with more information about the purpose of the program and how you can help."

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