Weekly Newsletter

January 20th - 23rd

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Thank you all for joining me for conferences. It's so nice to be able to have time set aside to speak with you about your child. It means a lot that you've all taken the time to come in, or set something up. Thank you!

This Week in Kindergarten

Our Bible story for the week is the story of Jesus being baptized. We will hear why he did this, and what his Father had to say about it!

This week we will also be discussing who Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was, and reading some books to learn more about him. We will talk and learn more about snow! Look for some cool snowmen projects to be decorating our hallway.

We will wrap up the "Meet the Superkids" curriculum this week. Next week we will start with the "Superkids Club".

In math we will learn about measuring and ordering objects by length, review attributes of shapes, and talk about and copy line segments onto our geoboards.

Upcoming Events

Lego Night is this Thursday from 5-7 p.m. From 6-7, parents are also welcome to visit our classrooms and teachers in preparation for next year if you have younger students. And if you don't, feel free to share this with those you know who do!

We sing "God Loves Me Dearly" during the 10:30 service on February 8th.

Lunch with Dad is scheduled for Thursday, February 12th, from 11:45 until 12:45 (or sooner if you need to leave). I *think* we are serving a salad bar and pizza for lunch and possibly doing a quick activity in the classroom afterwards. The menu may change between now than then, FYI.

Lambs of Christ Learning Center is having an Open House scheduled for Tuesday, February 17th, so if you know of anyone who may be interested in the center, please share this with them so they can come and visit!

Saturday, February 21st from 9-11 a.m. is a family activity day at Kids in Motion in New Berlin. There are informational posters in our hallways.

Wrap Up

Thanks again for coming to see me! Blessings on your week!


Mrs. Meinel