Soccer Before

Soccer is a sport played in many different areas of the world. It is the most popular sport played in the world today. This sport has had many people from different races, religions, and places around the world. Soccer started in England in the medieval times and the ball was originally made of leather and the in the game it wasn’t against the rules to kick, punch, bite, or gouge your opponents. Many people became fond of the game and would play it all day. Competition would get so intense that there were frequent incidents in the game. Soldiers admired the game so much that they would miss archery practice just to watch it. Over the years the game has changed a lot but it still has the basic purpose bringing people together. Even though it was a lot more violent earlier on it has become a more respectable sport.

Soccer Today

Today this sport has become a more respected game but there are still outbursts from people who cannot control their passion for the game. This is what can cause riots to happen and this dishonors the game of soccer. Soccer is a very physical sport that requires a lot of stamina and patience. This game cannot just be picked up and mastered in a few days. You are constantly on the move up and down the field so the physical requirements are high. Depending on the position a player plays in they may run up to seven miles in a single match. Soccer is also a very dangerous sport as the only protective gear worn is shin guards. The thing that makes the injury risk so high is that you will constantly have players attacking at your feet and legs when you have the ball. Your legs are the most common places to sustain injuries when playing any sport and having the focus on them increases the likelihood of injury. To many players the risk is worth taking to try and achieve their goals.

Soccer Respect and Teamwork

. This game takes years of hard work to refine your game and to become good and you are constantly competing with others around for a chance in the spot light. This competition may seem like it will cause problems with players and make them come to dislike those who challenge them. Through all of their work and efforts they come to establish respect for other players because they can see that same determination they had themselves. This game requires a lot of teamwork as well which helps them to communicate with their team mates on and off the field. This is how the players establish their bonds and helps bring people together to forget about their troubles in life and to watch or play the game.
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