OPERATION: Gamification

News, ideas, tips, and information on gamifying learning.

Hooks for Your Gamified Course

Each unit of study should capture the student's attention with a hook, an interesting introduction. If you are using a military theme, consider some of these:

  • You must escape from somewhere.
  • You need to win a battle.
  • You need to take possession of something.
  • You have to rescue fellow soldiers.
  • You need to traverse through though terrain to get somewhere.

Once you have the hook, you can insert some obstacles as the unit of study progresses.

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Easter Egg #4: Fun Facts

Type Fun Facts in your Google search bar and see what happens. Have students do this and post their favorites on a Canvas discussion board.

Easter Egg #3: Song Maker

Have students go to this link: https://tinyurl.com/y8lzcarn Once they have composed a masterpiece, they can share the link. You try it and tweet it to the Twitterverse!

Easter Egg Idea #2: Atari Breakout

This is definitely one of my favorites. Click the Images search in Google and type Atari Breakout. All of the images become the blocks for Breakout and you can play like it's 1976. Like, Pacman, you can substitute a required, online homework with a fun 'Easter Egg' surprise and have them snip their score for extra XP.

Gamification Shop Item: Potion of Power

As students earn XP in your course, you could offer them the option of "purchasing" items. These items could help them individually or the class could pool their XP and purchase a class item. There are several in the newsletter as you scroll through.
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Easter Egg Idea #1: Pacman

Instead of a challenge or a regular required task, have your students type "Play Pacman" in the Google search bar, snip their high score, and send back to you in an assignment. Adding some variability to the course or small "surprises" makes the course more engaging.