Assessment Feedback!

Delivered via digital mediums

An Education and Training Foundation funded OTLA Digital project

Investigate the effectiveness of assessment feedback delivered via digital mediums.

This project is being run by staff at two colleges in the South of England: Havant & South Downs and the Capital City College Group (Westminster Kingsway and CONEL campuses).
There is a disagreement in research regarding the effectiveness of written feedback and the way in which feedback is communicated (Bailey and Garner, 2010 & Randall and Zundel, 2012). This creates a potential barrier to positively influencing future learner work and knowledge (Higgins, Hartley and Skelton, 2001).

The issue with feedback...

The effectiveness of feedback to learners is an emotive and potentially contentious subject; one where multiple factors influence and contribute to ability of feedback to enhance learning – or not (Poulos and Mahony, 2008).

What we are investigating...

The aim of this project is to investigate how effective audio and video feedback, following assessment, is for learners in Further Education and what student perceptions of these mediums are. Is there a difference between student perceptions of the feedback mediums and will they engage more proactively with the information thus improving their knowledge/ skills base in the future (Lizzio and Wilson, 2008)?

What are we doing...

Two members of teaching staff on each site will deliver feedback via a 'traditional' written format to a group of BTEC L3 learners, then for a subsequent piece of work, deliver feedback via either an audio or video format. Staff and students will then be questioned to establish their perceptions as to how effective they felt the feedback mechanisms were.

What are our hopes...

To discover if there are (or not) any benefits to using digital mediums to deliver feedback for both learners and staff. From a student point of view, it would be interesting to see if they are more receptive to the feedback; and from a staff point of view, it would be interesting to establish if there are any time saving benefits, and/ or if they can offer better quality feedback.